Saturday, September 4, 2010

Tons of Random Thoughts

I haven't taken much time to blog lately. Not much going on but the day-to-day things. Today, Britt had me laughing a few times so I thought I would share those and touch on training a bit.

First random thought. I have a love-hate relationship with fall. The weather in the fall in SC is perfect for a runner. Cool mornings, great warm afternoons. You couldn't ask for better conditions. But, fall is also football season. I love football. I love cheering for "my teams." But, I hate how it affects my husband's mood. For example, "his team" just lost to a horrible team (in OT--when they had a 21 pt lead) and there goes his mood. If his fantasy team does well, it is a good day. If not, not so much. He's not crazy about it--no throwing things, drinking binges, or violence. But, his mood is definitely not the same as it is in winter, spring and summer. He follows other sports and gets upset at those losses, too. But there is just something about football.

Second random thought: Brittisms: n (I think): a funny quote from my middle child. This week, we got three (at least--he says them so often, I forget). First, I posted on FB earlier this week "The hurricane is not going to take our house because I have my fingers crossed." The second was during our run today. We go down this one hill and the kids have us let go of the strollers. Often, the strollers veer to the side and toward a pond (but no where near it). They laugh as we exaggerate the turn back to the road to save their lives. Today he said, "I am glad you did that, mom. I am allergic to drowning." Finally, and you might have had to see his face to appreciate this one, but I took he and Mallory to the waterpark today and I was putting a life jacket on him--something I normally do not do (water wings usually do the trick but the ones I brought popped when I tried to blow them up). There was one strap hanging down from the lifejacket and he asked what it was for. I told him it would have to go between his legs and snap on the front. I asked him if he wanted me to snap the strap (we were not really going in water that was over his head anyway) and he smiled and said, "Oh, yeah!" Is that a man, or what? Who would want a strap between his legs?

Final random thought: I am five weeks away from my 40 mile run. Yikes. Some days, I am so excited. Others, I am freaking out. Tomorrow will be the longest training run I have done and fairly close to the longest amount of time I have run ever (with the exception of my first SLOW marathon). I am freaking out that I am nervous about training runs. I never get that way when I train for marathons. So...I am off to pack my cooler (that I leave on the end of the driveway), fill my water bottles, and gather my running gear. The EARLY morning runs come very quickly.

Thanks for reading my random thoughts!

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  1. Thanks for the Brit-isms....the last one was too funny! Hope your LONG RUN went well!