Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Experiences on the Track

Isn't it funny how if you have been doing something for awhile, you assume everyone knows how to do it? Like, after you have been driving for awhile, it is hard to imagine that you once never knew how not to drive. I guess I have spent enough time on a track to feel like everyone should know the proper track etiquette. But, boy was I wrong this week.

First, a quick track lesson for those of you not as accustomed to the track. Some of these rules are indisputable, others are unofficial but you lack credibility if you break them.

1. Wear proper attire. This includes a decent pair of athletic shoes, shorts, and an athletic type t-shirt/sports bra/tank top. This does NOT include unsupportive shoes, flip flops, polo type shirts, jean shorts or jeans.

2. Use lanes 1 & 2 (those lanes closest to the center of the track) only if you are running. If others are on the track when you get the are, compare your speed to theirs and adjust your lane usage accordingly. If someone faster arrives, give up lanes 1 & 2 to them. If you are walking, go to lanes 7 & 8 (the outer most lanes).

3. Run or walk in the direction that the people who are on the track are running/walking. Some tracks have assigned days for certain directions (for example MWFSa go clockwise, TTHSu go counter clockwise)

That being said, I had the most interesting experience with a lady on the track yesterday. She arrived shortly after I started speedwork session. She was wearing shorts, keds and a polo. She began jogging right away, in the right direction, in lane 4. I had no problems with that. After about 1/4 of a lap, she stopped, got off the track and stretched. Still doing fine. Then, just as I round the corner, she entered lane one and stopped. She just stood there. And, I was getting closer. And closer. And closer.

Now, it isn't a tragedy that I had to move from lane one to two while trying to hit timed splits on a track workout but what she was doing was hilarious. She was, I kid you not, manually stretching her FACE. She pushed her cheeks together like she was trying to intimidate a fish. Then she pushed her hands back like she was trying to intimidate a dog with its head out the window. Really, lady? In lane one, when it is evident that I had to MOVE to get out of your way?

I must have been doing an 800 (2 laps) or a 1200 (3 laps) as she was doing this as I had to run around her for two laps. Arrugh!

Then, after the face stretching routine, she turned around and jogged the WRONG way on the track. Of course, I did get caught in a game of chicken with her and guess who had to move. Yep, me! After running back to her starting point (meaning by this point she had been at the track 15-20 minutes and only really run 1/2 of a lap), she again STOPPED in lane one and just stood there. It sort of appeared that she was waiting for a friend who was a no-show but the track is a big place, with tons of places to wait, most of which are NOT in lane 1!

So, there was my first adventure back on the track in several months. I have been doing speed sessions but on the treadmill. It is such an adventure that I love to hate and hate to love.

On a totally different note, school started back this week for the kids. Britt seems bored, Trey seems uninterested and Mallory has noted no changes. It has been an exhausting week and I just remembered that I forgot to bake cookies tonight. Yikes. So much for an early night for me! Have a great rest of the week!!!

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  1. hahahaha I wonder what she thought she was doing with her face. Preventing wrinkles by keeping the cheeks fit? LOL!