Friday, August 6, 2010

Kid Stories That Crack Me Up

When I first started thinking about this blog, I really thought I would focus more on my running and training. But, my training is boring. I do it most of the time (strength training this summer has slacked quite a bit and flexibility training is my nemesis, but the running training is consistent) and it isn't interesting.

Obviously, we all think our kids are cute, funny, irresistible and everyone will think the same. When blogging, I am trying to edit the stories so I think most will at least see some humor in them. Today, I have a story about each kid.

First Mallory. For those of you new to the blog or who might not know, Mallory is my baby. She is just over 2 and 1/2 and she is going on 22, I think. She has already denounced all of my clothing choices for her and on occasion, has declared herself a boy. She loves her purple baby and spiderman.

Those of you who live in the MB area know that we have been getting rain lately. When it rains in the south, it is a wet rain. Whenever I say that, people think I am so stupid--rain is wet, duh! In Oregon, when it rains, you can get from place to place without getting drenched. In the south, you can't walk 5 feet from house to your car without needing a ShamWow! to dry off once you get into the car. The drops are denser and it POURS. So, last week, the kids were swimming when it started to rain. The older ones like to swim in the rain (which is only allowed if there is no thunder or lightning) but Mallory doesn't. She asked me for her umbrella. I went to the car and got an umbrella. "No, mommy, the blue one." Anyone who has been around Mallory some might know she is not great with colors--or blue and red anyway. They are usually the same. So, I went back to the car and got a blue and white striped umbrella we have. This ended in a perfect 2-year-old tantrum--complete with fists pounding and legs kicking. Luckily, the boys got out of the pool and distracted her from the thought.

A few days later, as we were getting into the car, she got a huge smile on her face and announced, "Here is my umbrella!" I have attached a photo so you can see why I might not have ever thought this was a viable option for in a typical southern rain (Missy, you might recognize it).

Now for Britt. Britt proudly announces he is 4 and a 1/2. We are really struggling with him now to get him potty trained at night. It wasn't an issue with Trey and is already not an issue with Mallory so we are frustrated with his night time wet pull-ups. Naturally, we are resorting to the tried and true parenting technique to cure him of this issue: bribery! We aren't asking for much--5 nights in a row of dry pull-ups. He asked for his reward, "A magic wand." Since he and Don and Trey have been to Magiquest several times, I quickly agreed that would be a great reward (and relatively cheap, too). As several days have passed and he has not gotten his reward, he has slightly revised his request. He wants a REAL magic wand. His first spell: Turn himself into his friend, JP. His second spell: A flying spell. He keeps asking me when he is going to get a real, working magic wand. So much for bribery.

This picture is of his contraption to get one of those sticky bugs off the ceiling. Thank goodness I caught him before he attempted to climb up to get the bug.

Finally, and I hope I can add this link, Trey. Trey is my oldest, age 7. We have been watching Shark Week on Discovery Channel all week. He can watch people getting bitten, sharks attacking seals, mating habits, the whole nine yards. But, when this commercial comes on, he runs into the other room because it scares him. So funny!

Last story about the three of them. I took them bowling this week ( and they all beat my latest bowling score (I chose not to bowl, thinking I would have to help). Granted, this was with bumpers but Britt bowled a 90, Trey an 80 and Mallory (with average speed of her ball about 1.47 mph--it said so on the screen) a 75.

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  1. well, that guy in the shark suit is kind of creepy...haha :)