Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This might be it. This might be my first blog about running. Just be warned...

At the end of last school year, I got a new job, set to start this school year. Well, not really a new job, just the same job I have had for 7 years but I get benefits this year. And a few more responsibilities. During the summer, the job changed some but mostly to my benefit. I was going to have fewer classes but more advisees. I was really looking forward to that. As the summer progressed, the course load increased back to the original number. Okay, I am a team player, no big deal. And today, the number increased again by one more class. And so far, 50 advisees (rumor has it that number could go down). Wow. That is crazy. So here is where the challenge is. The class that I got today is at 3:00. Trey gets out of school at 2:30. Hmmm...

Now, for the past month, I have been thinking of alternatives for Trey after school for the dates and times I might have to work late. I was thinking it might be 1- 2 times per week and probably not every week. I had a few ideas in my head. Now, I have to find something for him to do every TTH from after school until 4:30, without a doubt.

No big deal. I will be able to solve this. The big deal is that I have so much more to do now. And, about 45 minutes after I got this news, what did I decide to do? I decided to run. Run hard. Run hard and think or run hard and forget. I didn't care, but I wanted to run. Scheduled in my mind today was an easy cross training activity with some strength training and tomorrow, I would do speed work. Nope, not today. Today was speedwork. And, compared to what I have been doing lately, lots of it. I ran until I could almost not run anymore. I knew if I ran, I wasn't going to get my things done, but I knew I needed to run.

Did running help? Maybe. Did I feel better? Definitely. Running is a drug for me. I'm addicted and I am glad that I might not need treatment for this one.

The kids started back at daycare this week and are doing well. I am looking forward to all of them eating disgusting school lunches just so I do not have to make them any longer. Maybe by the time Mallory is in school, chicken nuggets won't be a weekly meal choice.

Finally, a HUGE shout out to my mom. Everyday when she got home, I would ask her some random questions as she crossed the threshold. "What is for dinner?" "What are we doing tonight?" "Where are my tap shoes?" And, she would say, "Please do not attack me right when I walk in the door." Mom, you are a saint for putting up with this day in and day out. What comes around, goes around!

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