Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Rockey Roads...very appropriate today

When I first named this blog, I thought it sounded kind of like a Negative Nilly. Then, a great friend reminded me that rocky road is an ice cream, too. And, those two descriptions kind of sum up my day today.

I had planned to tell you a cute little story about each of my kids but I will save that for another blog. Today, I will just tell you about my day.

Let's start with the ice cream. Don't you just love the internet? As silly as this sounds, I have been using the same deodorant for 15 years (or more...I am getting old)and, out of the blue, it just stopped being sold at every store around. After about 6 months of suffering through a mediocre substitute, I finally looked it up in the internet and found a store less than 5 miles from home where it was still sold. So today, thanks to my terrific husband who gave me two kid-free hours this afternoon, I bought out Rite Aid of all their Soft-n-Dri Glide. Ice cream? Anything that makes me that happy is ice cream to me! And the two kid-free hours were great, too!

This morning was a true Rockey and rocky road. The kids were on their typical "What are we doing today?" rampage and I am suffering through a horrible case of DMS. Does anyone else get DMS, you know "during MS?" I snap at everything, yell way more than normal and it is probably better if you are not around me. Unfortunately for me kids (and dh), they have no choice. I have said more than once, I want to be pregnant for all the wrong reasons. DMS is one of them!

We have been spoiled this summer--traveling a lot and spending tons of time with other people. So, the past week and 4 days, it has really just been me and the kids or Don and me and the kids. It has gotten the best of all of us and the kids "play" becomes more like WW III. I feel more like a referee than a mother.

We finally all agreed to go mini-golfing if they would also go to Sam's with me. I like taking them to Sam's because I can usually bribe them to be good with some cheap pizza or hot dogs. Mini-golf was fine, though hot and we dealt with a not-to-pleasant cashier at the golf place. We lost 3 balls in the water and that did not make her happy.

Those of you who know me, know my incredible experiences at Sam's. With all the money I give to that place, I should be revered when I walk in the door. Instead, I am given parenting lessons every time I shop there by everyone in the place. This includes the greeters, the cashiers, the food sample people and just regular customers. And, those of you who follow facebook also know that my drawer-dropping young son had that experience at Sam's, too. It is always a good story when we go there--and for some reason, I haven't switched my membership to Costco!

Today, instead of bribing with Sam's food, they requested Sonic, which in the same parking lot and almost as cheap, so I agreed. Since we rarely go to Sonic, I am not used to ordering there and was totally out of sync.

When we got to Sam's, I passed out the food, got all three kids in the cart, got my daily workout in dodging cars and pushing the 110 lb cart through the parking lot when I saw Britt's face. Oh no...I messed up. And there is came. The gagging, the coughing and the deliberate pseudo barfing. Yes, silly me. I forgot to say, "without pickles, please" when I ordered. Whenever Britt eats something he doesn't like, he forces himself to throw up (instead of just spitting it out like a normal kid). So now, I am holding a handful of spit up and the rest of the pickles in my hand, pushing a 110 pound buggy and stripping him of his shirt and he's back eating his cheeseburger. Trey freaks out over the sight of these episodes because he is certain that he too will get sick, no matter how much explaining I do. But, I know Britt is not sick (as demonstrated by him eating the cheeseburger completely once the pickles are removed), I decide to finish my shopping.

I didn't get scolded though today should have been the day I did. My kids were CRAZY in the store (or the DMS was in full swing). I got through shppong and called Don once I got into the van. That is when he offered to come home from work early and give me some time to either go to work or to do other things I needed to do. Ahhhh! Relief! Rocky road ice cream time!

Now, maybe it wasn't DMS. Maybe it was kid overload!

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  1. OMG...the story about Britt and his reaction to pickles - or anything else he doesn't like to eat - had me in tears...I guess there is no convincing him that simply "spitting out the offensive food" is all that is necessary....Glad to hear you got some "Ice Cream time" at the end of the day!