Saturday, August 14, 2010

Teenaged Years? Oh my!

I do not know how I am going to survive the teenaged years. Last night, Trey went miniature golfing with a friend. He was picked up at 6:30. I was a nervous wreck. Every time the phone rang, my heart skipped a beat. He finally got home at 10:00. I couldn’t believe how relieved I was. He was out with another family for only 3 hours. He didn’t drive himself. He didn’t have a girl with him. I knew where he was and I had the cell phone number of the family he was with and they had mine. Oh…how will I survive?

Speaking of teenaged years, today was move in day at Coastal. I ran through the school this morning and watched as parents entrusted their children with CCU and hoped they taught them the right morals, values, and ethics. I was surprised by the lack of stuff in the students’ cars. I remember barely having room for my hiney in the car when I went to school. Most of the cars appeared very empty. I guess Coastal has grown so much, maybe they are charging extra for extra bags. Hey, it is making the airlines profitable.

I remember my freshmen college move-in day like it was yesterday (though I cannot remember moving in sophomore or junior year?). We were allowed to move in from 9:00am-1:00pm. I was there at 8:45. I was so excited. After I unloaded my things into the room, I did not start unpacking because I wanted my roommate and me to discuss which bed and side of the room we would take. I didn’t want to start off on the wrong foot. Guess what time she got there? 12:45! Guess what? She didn’t care which bed she had! Everyone else was ready to explore and move on with being a college student and I was unpacking. Oh, memories.

Speaking of moving (like these cool transitions?), Britt and I were driving around yesterday and we saw a how many frogs that would be?” And, he just blurted out, “Stampede!” Where do they learn these things?

Britt was also helping me clean yesterday. Anyone with a pre-schooler knows how much help they are when they “help.” I swear I have purchased more windex in the past 3 years than I have in my whole life combined. Anyway.

Britt and I were talking about getting rid of germs. He asked where they went. I told him the cleaner he was using killed the germs and then when we rinsed the sponge or threw away the paper towel, the germs were just gone. He then asked, “But, don’t they go to heaven?” Despite the fact that I was hoping to live in eternity without germs, I guess he might be right. Can’t decide how I feel about that one.

The best part of that story is that Britt might actually be learning something at Sunday school. And, Trey might, too. When the family he went golfing with called from the driveway to make sure he made it in okay, I asked if he thanked them. Not only had he thanked them, he waited his turn, didn’t cheat and wasn’t a sore loser. She actually called him a “perfect young gentleman!” What??? I think a UFO possessed my child for a few hours and then brought back the one only a mother could love!

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